James Roseveare MRSS        jamesroseveare@aol.com

Solo exhibitions

  • Sept – Dec 2016  Stela For Foreign Bodies | Artists Residency | Elements Gallery, London
  • April – Oct 2015  Field | Farley Farm House Sculpture Garden ( Home of the Surrealists), Chiddingly, East Sussex
  • 2014  Backwards and Forewords | 1066 Gallery | Battle, East Sussex
  • 2012  Backwoods | The Stade Project Space, Hastings
  • 2004  Conifer *014122 | The Florence Trust, London
  • 2003  A Place To Be. 6’10” | The Chisenhale Dance Space, London
  • 2002  A Place To Be. 59mins & 38 sec. | The Chisenhale Dance Space, London

Selected Group exhibitions

  • May 2020  Hastings Open 2020 | Hastings Museum, Hastings, East Sussex
  • June 2020  Valley of Vision Sculpture Trail | The London Group and Friends | curator: Susan Haire | Shoreham, Kent
  • April – July 2020  Emergency 2020 | Aspex Gallery | curator: Vickie Fear | The Vulcan Building, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, PO1 3BF


  • Sept 2019 | Coastal Currents Festival | The Rogue Gallery, Hastings, UK
  • July 2019 | Liminality | with Jake Chapman | curated by Sean McLusky, Kevin Quigley, Bjorn Hatleskog | Gallery 46, London
  • June 2019 | Come Hell or High Water | The London Group and Friends | Waterloo Festival | curated by Almuth Tabbenhoff and Cadi Froehlich
  • May – July 2019 | Miniscule Venice | 58th La Biennale Di Venezia. Fondamenta Sant’Anna 996 Castello. Venice, 30122 Italy | curated by Vanya Balogh
  • May 8 -10 2019 | Void | Final showing of Empire II | Rialto, Venecia | 58th La Biennale Di Venezia|curated by Vanya Balogh
  • Feb 2019  EMPIRE II |After Extinction | Museo Maco, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Feb 2019  Four legs good, two legs bad | The Year of the Pig | Q Park, Leicester Square, London | curated by Rebecca Feiner


  • Oct 2018 Protocol | Q PARK, Cavendish  Square, London. Curated by Vanya Balogh
  • June 2018  Nothing Endures but Change | The London Group and Friends | Waterloo Festival | curated by Susan Haire
  • Apr – Sept 2018  Sweep~Landskip | with Edward Chell, Derek Jarman and Peter Joseph | Kinokino, Sandnes, Norway | curated by Roberto Ekholm (EKCO)
  • Feb.  2018  Embacing The Under Dog | curated by Susan Haire of The London Group | Q Park, Chinatown, London W1


  • Oct. 2017   FRIEZE Weekend Come Crashing Down. The Crash. Q PARK, Cavendish  Square, LONDON. Curated by Vanya Balogh.
  • Nov.  2017  Winter Salon | Rye Creative Centre
  • April  2017 Speedway | with Luci Eyers and Andrew Kotting | Transition Gallery, London
  • May – Nov 2017  EMPIRE II – Exhibiting The Moving Image| Project devised and    curated by Vanya Balogh for the 57th VENICE BIENNALE.


  • Feb.  2016  Sonic Sunday | with Danny Pockets | St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex


  • 2015  Curious Projects |  Thinking/Making  |  Eastbourne
    • Sotto Vocci | Hastings ( Italian Artist Exchange)
    •  Bohemia Show |  curated by Jim Hobbs | Hastings
    • Chinese Open. Yr of the Sheep | with Cedric Christie, Vanya Balogh|Chinatown, London W1.
    • Sonic Sunday | with Danny Pockets | St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex


  • 2014 We Agree not to Agree | with Cedric Christie,Vanya Balogh | Q Park,     Cavendish Sq. London
    • Le Voci Rotrovate | Corigliano d’Otranto, Italy 
    • Marvellous Mix Ups | with Cedric Christie and Vanya Balogh |              Fulham, London
    • We Are Oak Passage |with Greig Burgoyne and Andrew Kotting |Stour Valley Arts , Ashford


  • 2013  Stour Valley Arts | Cornershop Gallery | Ashford, Kent
    • Strarta Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery, London SW3
    • Pure Arts Autumn Show | Powdermill Hotel, Battle, East Sussex
    • The Art Shack | Romney Marsh, Kent
    • Twelve by Six | De La Warr Pop Up Gallery, Bexhill
  • 2012 Artbeat Festival | Cairo, Alexandria, El Mansoura, Egypt
  • 2011 Art in Romney Marsh | Folkestone Triennial Fringe, Romney Marsh
    • Fish Stock | Coastal Currents Spotlight |  The Stade Project Space, Hastings
    • East Sussex Open | The Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
  • 2010  Replay | Priory Square, Hastings
    • From A to B | Anglo-French exhibition | Dover
    • East Sussex Open | The Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
    • Façade | art in public places | Dover
  • 2009 International Art Symposium (selected artist) | Patras, Greece
    • Kitchen Sink | The Creative School, Rye
    • Shot by the Sea | with Ben Rivers and Andrew Kotting | Claremont, Hastings
  • 2008 Mindener Kunstauktion | Minden, Germany
    • The 18th Istanbul Art Fair | Tuyap, Istanbul, Turkey
    • Urban Jungle | GLA, City Hall, Southbank, London
    • G Sharp (Dance installation/collaboration) | Stone Squid Gallery, Hastings
  • 2007  International Art Symposium (selected artist) | Diakopto, Greece
    • Entertaining Nature | Pine Gallery, Hastings
    • Border Line | Canakkale, Turkey
  • 2006 Coastal Currents | Hastings
  • 2005  The Summer Show | The Florence Trust, London
    • Siradisi Hayatler – Extreme Lives | Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
    • The Winter Open | The Florence Trust, London
  • 2004 Transformation | Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2003 The East London Design Show | The Atlantis Gallery, London
    • Well-made 3 | Stratford Town Hall, London
    • Fresh Art  (Award Winners – best group)  | Business Design Centre,London
    • Digital Fine Art Show | The Arcola Gallery, London

Awards and residencies

Feb – Aug 18   Tree Sense | Arts for Health Residency | with Boyd & Evans | Milton Keynes, Bucks

2013               Pure Arts | Best Overall Artist

2004 – 05       The Florence Trust Residency | The Florence Trust, London
2002/03          Chisenhale Research award | The Chisenhale Dance Space, London

Collaborative work

2011    Art at the Start       Creative Partnerships | Hastings
2010    Art in the Woods   Creative Partnerships | Torfield School, Hastings
2007    Dance                   Creative Partnerships | De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill
2000    Lighting/sound      Namae no nai ie Dance | Yumino Seki  |  London
2002    Dance Film            A Life Altered | Angela Woodhouse | Oval House, London
1997    Projection              A Distance Between Them | ‘Antistatic Festival’ Sydney 1997 
1996    Projection             Elegie | The Gary Rowe Dance Company |Sadlers Wells Mosaics


East Sussex NHS Trust



1995 – 98      London College of Communication       BA. First Class Hons. Photography
1982 – 85      Askham Bryan College, York        Nat. Dip. Arboriculture. Royal Forestry Cert

Recent exhibitions

Oaxaca, Mexico


Leicester Sq, London



Protocol Exhibition Invite - Cavendish Square - 2 pages.png

15 April – 26 August 2018   Kinokino, Sandnes, Norway

Sweep~Landskip, an exhibition of international artists whose works use landscape
as a concept. Within their ideas, we can find a sense of timelessness, abstraction,
figuration and a mapping of its physical origins, and a cultural overlay of human
presence. Traces of humanity appear where nature becomes landscape and
bodies perceive external stimuli.
Jenna Burchell | Luke Burton | Jodie Carey | Edward Chell
Derek Jarman | Marte Johnslien | Peter Joseph | Herman Lohe
James Roseveare | Tom Scase | Richard Stone | Hanae Utamura
Curated by Roberto Ekholm | EKCO London        Sweep Landskip pr_2018   https://www.facebook.com/events/336828873505279/



Tallinn Art Week, Estonia


Residency Commission,  Milton Keynes Arts for Health

Tree Sense.  Inspired by trees and their relationship to society both past and present this residency encompasses tree learning activities and the design, planting and development of living sculptural tree art. Over many years cyclical pruning will establish a stunted, gnarled mini tree scape, promoting community legacy and stewardship. ‘Art and Culture’ will be embedded in the trees themselves.

The residenciy connects with themes relating to a newly commissioned artwork by Boyd and Evans at Milton Keynes University Hospital.


Nothing Endures but Change       

Ephemeral Sculpture.    The London Group & Friends June 7th – 24th 2018.  St John’s Churchyard, Waterloo, London.

Responding to the festival theme of ‘Transforming Minds’, the exhibition title, Nothing Endures but Change, comes from Heraclitus, better known for saying, ‘you cannot step into the same river twice’. Impermanence is a basic tenet of Buddhism. Buddhism and Hinduism share the doctrine that nothing lasts, everything is in a constant state of change.

The artists include:

Sophie Alston, Wendy Anderson, Peter Avery, Keith Ball, Vanya Balogh, Rosalind Barker, Alison Berry, Clive Burton, Sandie Camilleri, Andrea Cavallari, Rebecca Feiner, Cadi Froehlich, Ann Grim’, Susan Haire, Katie Hayward, Aude Hérail Jäger, Martin Heron, Alexander Hinks, Vera Jefferson, Marilyn Kyle, Chris Marshall, Venetia Nevill, Sarah Pager, Janet Patterson, Michael Phillipson, David Redfern,  Jim Roseveare, Tom Scase, Tommy Seaward, Chris Simpson, Angela Carol Stocker, Franny Swann, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Paul Tecklenberg, Graham Tunnadine, Bill Watson, Tisna Westerhof and Angela Wright.

The London Group, one of the longest-running and most prestigious artists’ collectives in the world, has around 90 members and champions diversity of work and independent thinking. Celebrating its centenary in 2013 its illustrious history mirrored that of British art for much of the 20th century and today the Group is as strong as ever, with nine shows this year alone.

EMBRACING THE UNDERDOG exhibition at Q-Park in Gerrard Street right at the very centre of the Chinese New Year celebrations for the Year of the Dog, Sun 18 Feb



http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/…/Spe…/Speedway_home.html Inspired by the psychogeographic poetry of place, Speedway features contemporary responses to long forgotten histories in a circulatory meshing of a sense of community, historical layering, philosophical ruminations on time, archaeology, leisure and present day artistic ingenuity.


Elements Gallery

Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery


FRIEZE Weekend Come Crashing Down
Private View Friday 6th October @ Q PARK, Cavendish Square, LONDON
In Association with Geoffrey Leong Foundation
cc 2017



EMPIRE II – Exhibiting The Moving Image Empire II  57th Biennale di Venezia. Curated by Vanya Balogh. Short films by 115 artists including Danny Pockets and myself, Jim Roseveare. 13th May – 26th November 2017. Pls see article below for more details.
EMPIRE II – Exhibiting The Moving Image Empire II is an artist led satellite project devised and curated by Vanya Balogh for the 57th Biennale di Venezia.