i think. (Darwin 1837)

  •   Photographic Triptych mounted on Duobond
  •   192cm x 51cm.  (total measurement including borders)

Playing with the visual language  of the Hollywood Western and the Biblical Epic, these images are set in an existing landscape of ancient rock and fossils.  Part artifact, part fossil, part landscape, the inscribed stone object bears the marks of a monumental theory; that of evolution.  This is a re – presentation of Darwin’s first preliminary sketch which he made in 1837  It was only forty nine years earlier, in 1788 that the geologist,  James Hutton  published his ‘theory of the earth’ in which he argues how the earth  is infinitely older than humanity.

The rocks shown in the images  were laid down in riverine and estuarine deposits millions of years ago when dinosaurs walked the planet. These rocks are full of dinosaur fossils. It is from such marvels that the life sciences emerged, giving humanity a wonderful sense of awe and smallness in our contemplation of the immensity of geological time.